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        After-sale service

        發布時間:2020-08-25 作者:Shanghai Hengcheng cemented carbide Co., Ltd 點擊次數:462

        after-sale service

        1. 24 hour response mechanism

        2.1-2 working days to arrive at your production site

        3. Customize training courses according to your needs

        4. Support you to increase productivity and reduce production costs

        5. We do stress treatment for each piece of product to eliminate residual stress and improve the service effect and service life of the product

        Customer comments:

        The rolling tonnage of steel grades ls.22a.35k of Zhejiang Hengcheng roll ring is 3 ~ 5 times of that of other rolls. With the increase of rolling tonnage, the times of roll changing, machining and turning are reduced, the time of roll changing is saved, and the frequency of technological accidents is reduced, which has great indirect economic benefits.

        ——Wire rod plant of Xingtai Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

        Hengcheng roller ring has been used since 1995. Now we have developed from one high-speed wire rod to three high-speed wire rod. The main product of welding wire steel accounts for more than 60% of the domestic market share. I used to use Japanese and foreign roller ring more, now Hengcheng roller ring can completely replace the import. There are suitable schemes for rolling speed from 50m to 120m. When rolling alloy welding wire steel, the steel quantity of finished stand is better. In particular, the pre grooving of the blank can also greatly save the working time. The prospect of bilateral cooperation is promising.

        ——Director of Qingdao high speed wire mill

        This year, our factory has put forward the strategic goal of building the production base of high-quality cord steel. In order to create high-quality wire rod products, we must choose high-quality roller rings as the guarantee. Zhejiang Hengcheng is one of the suppliers of high-quality roller rings recognized by us.

        ——Director of Angang New High Speed Rolling Mill

        Hengcheng roller ring is mainly to value their quality, always put quality in the first place. We are used to roll the excellent carbon series, which also has an advantage in reducing the rolling capacity of the sizing stand.

        ——Director of high speed wire rod mill of Masteel

        After using the roller ring of Hengcheng company, the steel passing capacity of single groove of rolled variety steel in our company is comparable to that of Sandvik, which greatly saves the cost of our company.

        ——Director of Yongxin bar and wire factory of Shagang Group

        Our company mainly rolling stainless steel, the roller ring used before often appears ring crack and crack. Hengcheng company's technical personnel specially developed a new brand according to our company. At present, this problem has been solved.

        ——Baosteel Special Steel Branch

        Our company is the sixth generation of Morgan vertical rolling mill. Through practical application, the roll ring produced by Hengcheng company fully meets the requirements of our vertical line rolling mill. After rolling, the surface is smooth and smooth without obvious cracking. Compared with other domestic manufacturers, it has certain advantages.

        ——Shiheng special steel plant

        The management of Hengcheng company is very standard. The high carbon steel 82B roller ring produced by Hengcheng company has been successfully used in our company. The rolling tonnage has reached the domestic advanced level. Hope Hengcheng company will continue to develop and produce high-quality roller rings to meet the needs of users.

        ——Anyang No.1 rolling mill

        Online Message

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