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        Knowledge of pick and carbide pick

        Release time:2020-08-24 author:Shanghai Hengcheng cemented carbide Co., Ltd Number of hits:671

        Pick is a cutting tool for cutting coal, which is widely used in various coal mining machinery and roadheader in coal industry. The use environment of the pick is very bad, because of the environmental factors, the loss of the pick is very fast and the service life is also short. Therefore, the study of pick structure design can provide a certain basis for the design and manufacture of pick. In the working process, the pick needs to bear huge pressure, shear force and impact load, so the pick is easy to be worn in the working process. Therefore, it has become a large number of replacement parts in coal mining machinery. So what do we need to do to further strengthen the working state of the pick?

        In fact, there are many methods, such as thermal spraying, plasma cladding, laser cladding, surfacing and plasma beam surface metallurgy.

        For the optimization of carbide PICK:

        In view of the failure mode and reason of cemented carbide pick, the performance of cemented carbide can be improved by adjusting the particle size, composition and proportion of the alloy. First of all, the content of CO should not be too low because it can effectively improve the thermal fatigue resistance, enhance the plasticity of the alloy and relieve the stress. However, the increase of CO content will affect the wear resistance to a certain extent. According to the hardness of the coal seam, we usually control it between 8% and 13%. When the texture is hard, the content of CO increases appropriately. The second is the choice of WC granularity and proportion. The total surface area of fine WC particles decreased and the specific surface area increased. In order to strengthen the content of CO, proper heat treatment process is also an effective method.

        In fact, after so many years, from the perspective of China's pick production technology, years of R & D and experience accumulation have made domestic pick brands have the same technology as imported picks. In terms of technology, "carburizing differential temperature heat treatment" process has been independently developed by domestic pick technicians to ensure stable and uniform temperature and make the pick have the characteristics of high hardness, uniform hardness and good wear resistance. At the same time, the pick adopts cold extrusion technology to ensure high precision size and smooth appearance.

        As far as pick material is concerned, domestic pick is now strictly controlled in this respect. In addition, foreign alloys are sometimes included in their purchase forms. High quality alloy plays a key role in the impact resistance of pick.

        The above is about the pick pick and carbide pick some related knowledge and optimization method. After so many years of in-depth research, the development of China's pick is relatively rapid, which has won the appreciation and support of many foreign friends. We believe that in the near future, we will certainly develop better and better.

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