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        Methods to improve the wear resistance of pick

        Release time:2020-08-24 author:Shanghai Hengcheng cemented carbide Co., Ltd Number of hits:606

        By increasing the ratio of the cutter head diameter to the fixed shaft diameter, the cutter tooth rotates automatically in the tooth holder during cutting, and the rotation direction of the cutter tooth makes the tool tip automatically grind the cutter, so as to improve the service life of the pick.

        The pick is treated by thermal spraying technology

        Thermal spraying is a kind of surface processing technology, which uses a kind of heat source to heat the spraying material to the molten state, and spray it to the surface of parts at high speed through air blowing, so as to form the spraying layer. The thermal spraying technology can deposit ceramic coating on the metal substrate. It has become an important development direction in the field of composite materials and products to combine the high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics of ceramics with the strength, toughness, machinability, conductivity and thermal conductivity of metal materials to obtain ideal composite coating products.

        A layer of high hardness wear-resistant alloy was sprayed and welded on the head of shearer pick body by thermal spraying process. The alloy layer has a good metallurgical combination with the pick body, and has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance and no brittle crack. The service life of the alloy layer is about 0.5-1.0 times longer than that of the traditional inlaid carbide pick, and the preparation process is simple.

        Using surfacing technology to deal with pick

        In the traditional position of cemented carbide head, the pick head is overlaid layer by layer according to the shape requirements of pick by using surfacing technology. The main alloy elements of surfacing coating are w and C r. The microstructure of the coating is composed of skeletal eutectic ledeburite and austenite transformation products. The hardness of the coating is 660.6hv, which is not as high as that of cemented carbide, but the pit of the coating is lower than that of cemented carbide The impact property is better than that of cemented carbide, and it is more suitable for coal seam with gangue or fault.

        Treatment of carrier teeth by plasma beam surface metallurgy

        Plasma beam surface metallurgy is essentially a rapid non-equilibrium metallurgical reaction process. In principle, it is not restricted by the solubility, melting point, density and other properties of the composition. The alloy layer can be obtained by any proportion of any powder which can not be obtained by conventional metallurgical methods.

        Manufacturing pick by cast in process

        The problem of brazed pick is solved by placing cemented carbide in the mold cavity, then pouring molten iron for one-time forming. By adjusting the amount of alloy elements in the casting, the pick body has better wear resistance and toughness, and metallurgical bonding is achieved between cemented carbide and pick body, which can significantly improve the bonding force between cemented carbide and pick body.

        The alloy head is made of cemented carbide with diamond sintered on the surface

        In view of the fact that cemented carbide head is easy to crack, some enterprises are studying sintering a layer of diamond on the surface of traditional cemented carbide head. In order to further improve the ability of cutting hard rock with alloy head, at the same time, using surface treatment technology to treat the cone part of pick, the wear resistance of alloy head and tooth handle can be greatly improved.

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